Dr. Bolek Zapiec

The experienced Data scientistBioimaging guru Neuroscientist Image processing expert Biotech developer Microscopist

About me

Imaging data-scientist with experience in Neuroscience and an expanding focus on neurodegenerative disease.

Over a decade experience in scientific imaging, and an extensive background in computer 3D graphics allow me to identify the correct imaging modality, execute the experiment, and visualize the data in an intuitive manner.


Intuition is an excellent guide but robust conclusions are only possible with hard numbers. By tapping a vast toolkit of quantitative analytical methods and the statistics to test them, my findings are consistently on solid ground.


The current pace of progress leaves no time for fishing expeditions with no end in sight. My experience allows me to identify the critical experiments and analyses needed and set a path for completing them on time.

Personal Info


Dr. Bolek Zapiec


Dr. sc. hum. (Neuroscience), M.Sc. (Biotechnology), B.Sc. (Biotechnology)


+1 (909) 265 – 3529




Pro. Experience

    • Associate Director
    • Head of Laboratory
    • 2021 – present
    • Research Scientist
    • 2008 – 2021
    • Consultant for IT Services
    • 2001 – 2007
    • Docent and Technology Developer
    • 2000 – 2002
    • Data scientist, developer, and IT systems expert
    • 1998 – present

Professional skills


  • Confocal and Multi-photon
  • Whole Brain Imaging (tomography)
  • Automated Slide Scanners
  • Tissue Clearing CLARITY and iDISCO
  • Second-Harmonic Microscopy
  • Super-resolution STED and STORM


  • Mouse genetics and management
  • In vivo reporter assays
  • Numerous cloning systems
  • Generating ISH probes
  • High-throughput FISH / CISH
  • IHC (Fluorescent & Chromogenic)
  • Mouse perfusion and organ collection
  • Cell culture (immortal and primary)


  • Automated image analysis
  • Image quantification
  • 3D reconstruction of whole organs
  • Bioinformatics / Promoter analysis
  • Advanced programing and scripting
  • Whole-brain 3D comparison
  • mRNA quantification
  • Biostatistics